Safety Six I, Safety Six II, Safety Six 3, 204 Light Equipment Training Course & 1244 Professional Driver Improvement Course are the creation of Trans 360 Inc.

The purpose of these programs is to distribute important information on defensive driving and equipment operation. Trans 360 Inc. assumes no liability for its content or use thereof. The contents, though accumulated from authoritative sources, do not necessarily reflect any official policies of any governmental agencies. The information is not to be construed as being a standard, a specification, or a regulation of any of those said agencies. Trans 360 Inc. does not endorse any products or manufacturers. Trade or manufacturers’ names appearing herein are only examples of commonly used and widely known equipment, to give the reader an immediate grasp of the subject. The document is accurate as of the date of publication. Trans 360 Inc. reminds the reader that no manual can possibly encompass all situations that may occur when operating equipment. Because of that, we caution the reader that special circumstances may change or cancel a rule or suggestion contained in this manual. Common sense is always essential in application.