"Results Driven"
   "Performance Proven"

CDL Plus General Knowledge

This course is designed to assist a new driver to understand the material covered in the CDL manual for the General Knowledge Test. Although all attempts are made to be as through as possible we do encourage you to review your States guide as you prepare for your written test.

The procedures here will help you understand what you may expect when you take the CDL Pre Trip, Basic Controls and Drive Test.

Section 1

Types of Vehicle Inspection
What to Look For
Suggested Seven-Step Inspection Method
Inspection During, Post and Report

Section 2

Accelerating, Steering, Stopping
Backing Safely
Shifting Gears

Section 3

Controlling Speed
Managing Space
Seeing Hazards
Distracted Drivers
Aggressive Driving/Road Rage

Section 4

Driving at Night
Driving in Fog
Driving in Winter
Driving in Very Hot Weather
Railroad-Highway Crossing
Mountain Driving
Driving in Emergencies
Antilock Braking Systems
Skid Control and Recovery

Section 5

Inspecting Cargo
Weight and Balance
Securing Cargo
Cargo Needing Special Attention

Section 6

Crash Procedures

Section 7

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving
Staying Alert and Fit to Drive

Section 8

Hazardous Materials Rules For all Commercial Drivers

Duration: 90 days
Price: $10.00